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Musical Theater

Musical Theater

Musical Theater has always been the Signature Program of Broadway Academy. Our program covers acting, singing and dancing. Our academicians and creative teams have devised a program that gives students a thorough preparation towards a career in Musical Theater. Students who are preparing for a full time dregree in Musical Theater can also benefit from this course as a pre-university preparation.  Musical Theater lovers, may take this course as a skill enrichment program.


Class schedule: Saturdays, 5:00pm to 6:30pm



This program is recommended for intermediate level singers who have confidence in their singing Students who wish to enroll in this program are encourages to contact the academy for a free consultation session to determine their ability to cope with the demands of the program.


Total beginner students who have not had any music training are encouraged to enroll in our SING TODAY! program for 1 term before enrolling in this program. 


This program is available as a physical class at our studio or as an online study.


    All payments made are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the course that you have paid for, you may transfer your paid course to a third-party or bring forward your payment for one term only and is subjected to approval by the management. This process should be done in official writing by emailing to THE ACADEMIC DIRECTOR at However, the management reserves the right to approve or not approve your transfer based on the class that you have paid for and factors which concerns the particular class.


    Classes can be redeemed by contacting our hotline or email at 

    Hotline: +60172916160 (whatsapp available)



    Package 1: Termly Fees - 12 lessons conducted within 4 months term (Oct - Jan, Feb - May, June - Sept) 

    Package 2 : Seasonal Fees - Package of 3 terms Fees

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